Welcome to Generation NEXT Vending Robots, Inc., a full-scale developer of robotic vending innovations and technologies. We create, develop and manufacture innovative robotic vending concepts that will enhance the delivery, engagement and customer experience of food, beverage and frozen confectionary point-of-sale products around the world.

  • Innovative Robotics

    Our vending robots provide businesses and locations with an easily-managed and operated profit center that delivers an unmatched customer experience. More importantly, each robot transaction brings an additional stream of revenue to your business, generating high margins on each sale, while engaging current customers and driving new traffic through your door.

  • Advanced Technology

    At the heart of our offering is the Generation NEXT Vending Robot, an innovation in both frozen confectionary as well as advanced robotic vending technology. Never seen before in the marketplace, our vending robot is a self-contained marvel, serving seven flavors (with a twist option) of delicious creamy frozen yogurt, ice cream, gelato, custard or sorbet and offering customers up to six choices of delicious toppings. From its interactive touchscreen ordering system, to the creation of a delicious frozen treat, each robot offers customers an advanced point of sale vending experience.